Summer Youth Employment Program (MillHill)

The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is a 6-week summer program for Trenton youth that prepares participants for successful careers with life skills and professionalism. Students work at nonprofit and for-profit organizations for 30 hours/week. 

It includes training in soft skills, guest speakers and career presentations, coaching and journaling, practical work experience, collaborative skill-building, and the opportunity to earn a stipend. 

The virtual approach during the Summer of 2020 (Mayor’s Youth Workforce & Career Training Program) utilized Zoom and the LRNG learning platform to train soft skills and provide career exposure.

The Summer Youth Employment Program is a program by the MillHill Child and Family Development Center.


  • Submit an application
  • Submit a resume

Application due in April


  • Interested and motivated youth
  • 16-21 years old
  • Trenton Resident

Point Person: Michelle Thompkins, Director of Youth Services


Email: [email protected]