For Students

A large group of students stands together in a school gymnasium smiling at the camera
At TCAN, we aim to serve our students by providing the resources and support you need to thrive beyond high school. Come check out what we have to offer!
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TCAN members offer a range of programs available to students - find out where you belong.
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College Timeline

Navigating the college process can be tricky - find out how to stay on track.
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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Learn more about the finances of going to college
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DACA or Differently Documented Resources

Explore resources available to DACA or differently documented students.
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Work and Volunteering

Working allows you to build skills and prepare for life in and after college.
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Applying to College

Navigating high school and preparing for college can be confusing - learn more about the application process.
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Outside Resources

Learn more about outside resources for college prep and mental health & wellness.