Career Launch (Boys and Girls Club)

Career Launch is a career preparation program for Mercer County teens that meets daily to teach workplace readiness and professional development. The program lasts 12 weeks and students can participate in a 50 hour volunteership upon completion of the program.

The program includes trips to local businesses, guest speakers, interview techniques, public speaking, cover letter/resume writing, and professional development lessons. Volunteerships may be at BGC or with partners such as a barber shop, computer repair, bike repair, etc. Those who complete the program and 50 hour volunteership receive a $300 stipend. (Students may complete an additional 50 hour volunteership for an additional stipend)

Career Launch is a program by the Boys and Girls Club of Mercer County. 


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  • Must be a Mercer County teenager

Point Person: Jermaine Jackson, Associate Teens Director


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 609-695-6060 ext. 224