DACA or Differently Documented Resources and Tips

There is a common misconception that DACA recipients or differently documented students are not able to apply to college; that is false! There are many pathways and resources that support DACA and differently documented students through college admissions and beyond.  

Financial Aid

Students who are DACA recipients or who are undocumented or differently documented are ineligible for federal student aid through the FAFSA. However, they may be eligible for institutional financial aid and should check the financial aid websites for specific schools.  

DACA or differently documented students who graduate from New Jersey public high schools and who have attended an NJ high school for at least three (3) years, are eligible for state-based financial aid and in-state tuition at public universities in New Jersey. They must apply for aid use the HESAA Alternative Application.  HESAA is the NJ state agency that provides need-based financial aid for New Jersey residents. 

Often, private colleges or universities will rely on the CSS Profile which allows individual colleges and universities to determine the amount of aid needed for you to go to their institution.


Approved Colleges and Universities

There are many colleges and universities that are safe for DACA recipients or differently documented students to apply to. The following is a list of the aforementioned schools: DACA and Differently Documented Friendly Schools

Other Resources